Bodyguard Novel By Mehwish Ali (PDF Free Download)

Bodyguard Novel by Mehwish Ali

The Bodyguard Novel is one of the best romantic Mehwish Ali novels. This novel is most famous and loved for romantic novel readers which you can download in PDF free from below green button. You can also read a starting story of the novel given below the table before download.

Novel NameBodyguard
Writer NameMehwish Ali
File size4.9 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The Bodyguard novel by Mehwish Ali begins as;

The darkness of the night spread all around, enveloping the blue sky in its embrace, and the black threads adorned the sky with shimmering white stars, each twinkling with its own brilliance, enclosing the environment within its confines. While everyone else was immersed in the comfort of warm beds, relishing dreams like rabbits, a heart-wrenching scene unfolded in the lounge of Karachi’s famous Seaview Hotel, the residence of the owner, Ajmal Jatoi.

The fear-stricken gaze of one veiled woman was fixated on the trembling figure of her sixteen-year-old daughter standing against the wall, her wife stood nearby, hands clasped in front of the veils, pleading for forgiveness. But the biggest goal, the biggest dream of these veiled ones, was about to reach its culmination today. How could they step back now? Impossible! Otherwise, their heads would roll.

Upon advancing behind the veiled figure, the other veiled one, upon seeing the mannequin of Ajmal Jatoi’s brain, whose hands and feet were bound with ties, and a tape across his mouth, the second veiled one, stood facing the wall, looked towards the little girl whose eyes were filled with terror upon seeing all this. Fragile courage was fading away.

She came out of the room at the sound of her parents’ voices, and in front of the two veiled figures, she saw her father sitting on a chair, and the other veiled figure standing behind, gesturing towards silence. Seeing all this, her heart was trembling like a dry leaf. Her eyes were filled with fear and dread. One look at her, and her breath stopped.

“Maa!” She gasped in fear and began to sob, looking towards her mother, then she looked at the tall veiled figure standing in front, not in front, but looming over Ajmal Jatoi’s brain as if casting a shadow over it.

“Stay away from my daughter,” the woman screamed, attempting to cuddle her daughter but before the veiled one took a step back, the other veiled one aimed at the man’s leg. Due to the silencer on the gun, the gunshot sounded like a muffled thud. The woman turned back, clutching her husband, tears streaming down her face.

“Why are you both doing this? What have we done to you?” The woman sobbed, clutching her hands in front of the one standing before her. But her husband, without caring about the pain, looked towards his daughter where now the veiled one was standing, all of this was for his daughter, a father’s ultimate sacrifice.

The veiled one standing in front of the girl raised her finger and placed it on her trembling red lips. “Papa!” She called out in her heart, looking at the veiled one fearfully. Her throat tightened as the finger on her hand caused a dull pain on her lower lip. “What is your name?” Her voice echoed with anger this time, along with a strange helplessness. She tried to look at her mother with pleading eyes.

The woman hugged her head and sat down. “She cannot speak, animals.” Her mother held her head down.

“She can’t speak,” a deep sigh of despair was evident in her voice. She couldn’t see her daughter in pain. “Leave her alone, she is innocent,” the woman sobbed, pleading, while the man leaned back against the chair.

The veiled one smiled, a faint trace of amusement crept into her delicate face. “Angelina!” She said in a serious tone.

Angelina widened her eyes to look at the veiled one. “How do you know her name?” She thought, crying again as she looked at her parents.

Her mother looked at her husband sometimes, sometimes at her daughter. Whenever she approached her husband, she found the veiled one there. When she approached her daughter, she found the other veiled one. Where was the helpless woman supposed to go? Angelina begged with her eyes, her red lips quivering. “Please,” she whispered, trying to move her lips.

Seeing this, the veiled one placed her fingers on Angelina’s red and trembling neck. She moved them gently, trying to calm her down. Angelina started to tremble with fear and confusion, not understanding what he intended and why he was doing this to her. But she was scared and horrified by his touch, she wanted to scream and tell her father that she was scared he would hurt her.

“Let her go, take revenge from us, not her. What we did, punish us.” Her mother began to cry and begged with folded hands.

Ajmal Jatoi watched all this; the veiled one’s fingers moved towards his daughter’s neck, and he couldn’t control himself anymore. He shook with the realization of their intentions. How much had he hidden his daughter? Away from the world, lest his shame fall upon her. Even after hiding so much, she couldn’t hide from this darkness.

He shook the chair forcefully. The veiled one noticed his condition, smiled, and stepped forward to embrace his delicate figure in her arms. His mother trembled with torment, and the man began to hit his head against the back of the chair.

The veiled one smiled, filled with a lightness that belied the seriousness of his intentions, lifted his delicate form in her arms and walked into the room. Laying him on the queen-sized bed with plush silk sheets.

A while ago, those hazel brown eyes filled with incomprehensible intentions were trembling with fear, and now those same hazel brown eyes hid behind thick black lashes, a veil of red and white complexion, full cheeks, and red lips. Angelina was silently watching her.

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