Mera Sitamgar Novel By Areej Shah (PDF Free Download)

Mera Sitamgar Novel by Areej Shah

Download the best romantic novel of Areej Shah “Mera Sitamgar” in PDF free and read it offline. You can download it from the below green button.

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Novel NameMera Sitamgar
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size10.2 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The Mera Sitamgar Novel by Areej Shah begins as;

She was taking slow, measured steps towards the hall. The tinkling of her anklets echoed throughout the hall. With each step, men’s hearts raced and restlessness grew. Everyone was afraid to even look at her, fearing to guess her age to be no less than 45 years. Her demeanor had captivated the hearts of the men present, as she entered the hall. While everyone else looked at her with lustful eyes, she remained unfazed. She had long left behind the concern for such gazes twenty-five years ago. In front of the crowd of men in the hall, she began her performance.

The sound of her anklets had everyone mesmerized. Each person here measured their worth based on the wealth they could flaunt. The one who flaunted the most wealth caught her attention.

A hundred rupee note, a five hundred rupee note, a five thousand rupee note—night after night, money was plundered here in the millions. By 2 a.m., the show ended, and everyone was praising her. She was doing her job well—a remarkably beautiful woman who had aged gracefully over time, yet her beauty continued to mesmerize thousands, enough to set their hearts racing.

Hurry up and wake up, sir! Look, polish every nook and cranny of the house. Sir doesn’t like any dirt at all. Even if a speck of dirt catches his eye accidentally, you know how dangerous his anger can be.

Instructing all the servants, Akhtar left for outside where the barking of dogs could be heard. Until now, he hadn’t given those dogs anything to eat. Akhtar Ahmed spoke and approached the menacing-looking dogs.

The menacing figures loomed on the hanging tongue of the earth, not only threatening to see but practically dangerous.

Everyone in this mansion had seen the temper of Shahz, who often vented his anger towards these dogs. All the servants of this mansion trembled at the name Shahraz.

But after today, peace would reign in this mansion for a few days because Shahraz was leaving for Multan for some days due to work. This was the reason for the festive atmosphere in the mansion, but in front of their master Shahraz, they restrained their joy, lest he feel too pleased and neglect his duties.

Shahraz despised the poor and felt the most satisfaction in hating them. He believed that poor people reveled in their poverty and remained emotionally inferior. He hated them, especially their actions. He wanted to gather the beggars one day and shoot them all.

When every door closes, Allah opens a path.

By prostrating before Allah and seeking forgiveness for his mistakes, one can find greater love and forgiveness. Everyone makes mistakes in life, some small and some big, and humans learn from these mistakes. Sometimes, due to these mistakes, people wander onto the paths of confusion. Allah becomes angry with them, but those who want to correct their mistakes are given a chance by Him. Correcting those mistakes during life is wisdom; otherwise, regret consumes one’s life. Some people spend their whole lives seeking forgiveness and regretting.

Such a person again bowed in prostration, seeking forgiveness for old sins. He could cry all night for that chance, but perhaps forgiveness was not in his fate. Maybe his mistake wasn’t a mistake but a sin.

And forgiveness isn’t for mistakes, it’s for sins. Understand, don’t underestimate this money; two crores is a huge fortune. And it will reach the boss soon enough. If the money doesn’t arrive on time, you know your fate well. I don’t need to threaten; I understand everything. I’ll send the truck at 11:30 sharp.

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