Mere Khawab Mere Jugnu Novel by Nimra Ahmed (PDF Free Download)

Mere Khuab Mere Jugnu Novel

Mere Khuab Mere Jugnu is the very first novel of Nimra Ahmed which she wrote in 2007. You can download it in PDF free from below. Also you can read its starting story below before downloading full novel.

Novel NameMere Khawab Mere Jugnu
Writer NameNimra Ahmed
File size10.6 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The story in Mere Khawab Mere Jugnu Novel begins as;

Shaufer was astonished to see the expressionless face of the backseat passenger who was staring at the traffic moving on the road. He cleared his throat and tried to get the attention of the passenger sitting behind him, but he was gazing blankly out of the window. “Sir!” Shaufer addressed him. The passenger slowly turned his face towards him. It seemed like he had removed his thoughts from the vehicle, disturbing his focus.

“Should I take another route or continue on this one?” Shaufer quickly started explaining to Samuel, trying to make him understand. “Actually, there’s a traffic jam ahead. If you want, I can divert the car to another route. It won’t waste much time.”

For a while, Samuel looked at him with empty eyes, then with a hint of impatience said, “As you wish,” and started looking out of the window again.

Samuel was extremely surprised in the rearview mirror. He wondered why this person was so irritable. Even though he might be able to ask him why he was so angry, Samuel felt ashamed and didn’t ask. He wasn’t even feeling that precious minutes had been wasted in traffic. Samuel restrained himself and relaxed his tightly clenched fists. He had been working for this person for almost a year and a half. Whenever he came to this city, he was responsible for taking him from the airport to the hotel, and then from the hotel to the office. He had no complaints except that he was very punctual. He couldn’t tolerate even a second of delay.

This time Samuel couldn’t help but ask, “How are you so calm?”

In response, he looked at Samuel with a somewhat surprised expression. “Do you know what bothers me?” He smiled slowly as he denied Samuel’s speculation.

“It’s just that I wonder why there aren’t 14 hours in a day instead of 24.”

He had opened his eyes wide and then shook his head as if he didn’t understand, but he still smiled. This day, his boss seemed very strange to him. He had often heard other staff members say, “He’s not a human; he’s a machine.” And whenever Samuel spent a day with him, he became sure that he was indeed a machine. Samuel had never seen such a hardworking person. Even when he was in the car, he kept working. Sometimes he looked at files, sometimes he was busy on his laptop. Today, it seemed to Samuel that he was sworn to amaze him. When he arrived to pick him up at the airport, he had come late by a whole ten minutes due to unavoidable delays. He knew he would get a stern scolding today, but at this moment, his surprise was extreme when there was no sign of anger from his boss. Like before, today he didn’t hurry him up, and he didn’t seem anxious at all. Today, he hadn’t even tied his tie properly. Maybe Shaufer’s behavior was also not correct. Like his walk, he was very confused and troubled.

When he sat in the car and Samuel asked where they were going, he spoke in a tired tone. Just Drive Arround Samuel had been told that there was a meeting here, but even if that were true, why wasn’t he insisting on going to the designated place? Samuel thought with surprise. The second shock of surprise hit him when he saw his boss leaning his head against the headrest of the back seat, eyes closed. He was usually sitting upright in the seat with briefcase on his lap, but today he was neither looking at any files nor busy on the laptop.

They had spent forty minutes traveling when his boss suddenly said, “Heath Park, let’s go.”

Samuel estimated that there couldn’t be any meeting of his boss’s in Heath Park, but he didn’t inquire further.

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