Namal Novel by Nimra Ahmed (PDF Free Download)

Namal Novel by Nimra Ahmed

Namal Novel is written in the reflection story of the Surah Namal of Holy Quran. Nimra Ahmed write it in a beautiful and explain the Surah Namal in this novel. You can download Namal Novel in PDF below.

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Novel NameNamal
Writer NameNimra Ahmed
File size44.3 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The story in Namal Novel begins as;

“Neither a claimant nor a witness, the account was clear.
The courtyard was dark and long, partially illuminated. The dawn’s two calls to prayer had already been made, and the sky was a deep indigo. In front of the courtyard, there were cells, each with barred doors and walls marked with lines and names. Some prisoners were asleep, some awake.
Life hung between two extremes here.
A man was standing leaning against a pillar, swaying slightly. One offered a cigarette, and the other rejected it, then glanced again at the cell of the infamous prisoner in front of whom they stood. The first soldier turned his head away in disdain, then smirked. “Mohammed Din! Haven’t seen that ill-tempered man again. His mind is already ruined. Your pity will turn him into a lion.” With smoke trailing from his lips, he warned. “I testify there is no one worthy of worship except Allah.” The muezzin’s voice echoed evenly. Mohammed Din kept looking towards the cell, where a prisoner in white garments had draped a prayer cloth over himself.

“Does praying like this earn Allah’s forgiveness?” Mohammed Din asked in a disappointed voice.
The prisoner was rolling up his sleeves to the elbows, which he had raised for ablution. His back faced them, towards both of their judgments. Murder is never forgiven, nor is he who kills his own wife and brother, ever forgiven. He’ll never be forgiven. Abdul Shakoor gave a skeptical look. “I testify that Mohammed (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah.”

Abdul Shakoor had killed his wife and his brother. He had acted out of honor, or so they say. That’s what I’ve heard. That’s why he’s been in jail for four years.”
Mohammed Din watched him with compassion from the pillar.
“Turn towards prayer. Turn towards prayer.”
The prisoner stood with his head covered in cloth, reciting takbirs aloud, raising his hands up to his ears. In the dim light of the courtyard, his profile was clear, his white trousers stark against the darkness, almost like a shroud. Now his head was bowed, hands on his chest. His quite long hair tied in a ponytail. His general impression portrayed a stern, tall, strong-bodied man with intricate patterns.
“Turn towards salvation. Turn towards salvation.”
The wind carried a melodious tune.
“Why give divorce to your wife, break relations with your brother, was murder necessary? People who don’t pray, they seek freedom. “With bitterness, he pushed his glasses up and drew another conclusion. “But one must admit, besides his anger, this man was not entirely wrong. You know, he held a high position in intelligence. A handsome young man. But his wife turned out to be such that their life was ruined. Faris Ghazi.”
Faris Ghazi was now bowing in prostration.
“Prayer is better than sleep. Prayer is better than sleep.”
The airy voice echoed gently from the columns.
“Ah, what good comes to light now?” Mohammed Din inquired, a bit irritated as Abdul Shakoor jolted and turned back. “Faris Ghazi, what was that? Who said that?”
It was the same beautiful, curly-haired boy who often came to meet him. “Mohammed Din’s gaze was still fixed on him. Faris Ghazi was now bowing with his head in prostration.
“Is he your nephew? What’s his name? And what happens when he comes in?”
This discussion always got interrupted. Initially, it was decided that there would be a weekly meeting. That happened. Then it was said that he would come this week. “
“Why does your nephew keep telling you all this?”
Abdul Shakoor looked suspiciously at Mohammed Din with narrowed eyes through his bifocals.
“He was telling me this just now, I heard it like that.”
“Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest.”
The call to prayer had slowed down.
It was done.
The chains weren’t unfastened yet. Abdul Shakoor let out a sigh of relief, and the smoldering embers of the cigarette were now visible. “There is no one worthy of worship except Allah.”
The voice faded. Silence enveloped the air. Then a nightingale sang, leaves rustled, and everyone engaged in their worship.
The prisoner saluted and walked away, turning towards the edge of the prayer area, folding his hands on the bar and walking up to the poles. His face was clearly visible in the tube light. His eyes were golden. He stared at both of them with sharp, piercing eyes, then gestured towards himself with his finger. Mohammed Din approached in mechanical steps. Abdul Shakoor was less moved, but he followed suit.
“Clear your ears and listen carefully. If you seem too close to me during my meeting, they’ll lash you on the wheel chair the next day.”
“Do you understand?” Abdul Shakoor advanced in anger, but Mohammed Din put his hand on his chest, pushed him back, and pulled him away.
“What’s this? What now?” Faris spoke with raised eyebrows and questioning eyes. But Mohammed Din managed to explain and persuade him to move away.
The morning’s whiteness was slowly spreading.

“I am wounded, yet I don’t show it.”
At the same time, in another part of Islamabad, the dawn was breaking similarly. The windows of a house in this upper-middle-class colony were bright amidst the pale darkness. If you looked inside, beyond the lounge, there was a closed bedroom door first, then a bedroom window through which you could see a lamp lit inside, and a girl praying and saluting. A side table by the bed held mobile phones, water, and a few medicines, those medicines that a patient who has been declared out of danger uses.
After finishing the prayer without supplication, she put it on the table next to the bed. Removing her two pieces of cloth, she freed her hair. Then, turning back, she came to the study table, revealing her face. It was clear but with a somewhat pale complexion, oval-shaped, almond-colored deep brown eyes with turned eyelashes, and a nose with a diamond stud. Her hair was quite beautiful. Deep brown from root to ear and then thick, curly curls that turned into long waves towards the shoulders and back.

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