Soulmate Novel by Areej Shah (PDF Download)

Soulmate Novel by Areej Shah

Soulmate Novel is written by Areej Shah. This novel is urdu novel and a lot a people love to read it. You can download this novel from the below button in PDF.

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Novel NameSoulmate
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size9.7 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The story in soulmate novel by Areej Shah starts as;

No, Hussain, don’t be stubborn. You can’t drive a car yet; you’re too young. Zehra tried to explain to her 16-year-old son.
Owais, my friend, also drives a car; no one stops him. I’ll also drive a car; I don’t know, he just said stubbornly.
Look, son, this isn’t right. You’re still too young, and as far as Rehan is concerned, he’s older than you. Uncle explained while reasoning with me.

I don’t know; she forbids me for everything. You need to talk to Dad; he went straight inside. Hussain, they won’t allow you to drive at this age for sure. They’re in a meeting right now; you shouldn’t disturb them. Zehra went after him.

But by then, he had already made the call. I need to talk to Dad; you give them a call right now. He said sarcastically.

Sara is also in the meeting. Secretary said Sara is in a meeting. I don’t care, don’t disturb phone calls like that.

Sir has forbidden it. Please call a little laterā€¦

In August, I told Dad not to call. It’s going to be your last day of work. He said angrily at this age, his anger was also directed towards his father.

The secretary created disturbance out of fear in Mr. Rizwan’s meeting.

How many times have I told you during meetingsā€¦
Your son’s phone call has arrived, and he seems upset, eager to speak with you. Secratery informed you promptly. As soon as they heard, the anger on their face instantly cooled down. It was their only son calling, the one who had been born after eight years of fervent prayers. Whatever Rizwan Sahib wanted to say couldn’t be postponed. That’s why he was stubborn and insistent in his tone, but Rizwan Sahib had no objection to it. He just wanted to fulfill every desire of his son before he even voiced it.

“Yes, my son, speak, my dear. Why are you angry?” he asked, speaking softly to his secretary over the phone.

“Dad, I want to drive,” he said in a stubborn tone.

“Yes, son, take the driver with you. You should learn to drive now that you’re growing up. But not without the driver, I’ll ask him to teach you. He’ll make sure you learn,” he said, granting permission, then Husain glanced at his mother.

“Okay, Dad,” he said happily, hanging up and then went to his mother.

“You can’t love me as much as my dad does,” he said, going out while Zahra was watching him go, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t save her son from going astray.

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