Shiddat E Junoon Novel by Areej Shah (PDF Download)

Shiddat e junoon novel by areej shah

Shiddat E Junoon Novel is a rapped base. The writer of shiddat e junoon novel is Areej Shah which is most read in Pakistan. You can download it below in PDF and read easily.

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Novel NameShiddat e Junoon
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size28.3 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The rapped story of a girl in shiddat e junoon novel by Areej Shah starts as;

Mr. Khalid was presented in court. The judge’s voice echoed in the courtroom as Mr. Khalid, feeling a bit nervous, stepped into the dock. Mr. Khalid, there’s no need to feel anxious or worried. You just need to narrate what you saw that night here in court. A copy of the Holy Quran was placed before them, and as they placed their hand on the Quran, they nodded in affirmation.
Now tell me what you saw that night and whether it was the boy who you saw raping the girl and then running away.

Was pointed towards, who was standing with great amusement waiting for the old man to speak.
Yes, Sir, this boy jumped over the wall and ran away from there. This man recognized him as soon as he saw him.

That there was a sudden silence in the court room.
Very good Khalid sir, thank you very much. You are supporting the truth, you don’t need to worry or worry at all, the lawyer reassured him.

Sahib, the truth is in front of you. Khalid Sahib is an eyewitness of this incident. He has sworn with his hand on the Quran and has stated the truth. This is the boy whom he ran away from.
I saw it happen.
This is the silk car mapist who has ruined the life of an innocent girl.

The eyewitnesses are repeatedly trying to prove their testimony regarding the incident, although nothing is proven by someone’s mere assertion. If you permit, may I ask Mr. Khalid some questions? In the silent chambers of the court, Zaran Shah’s voice echoed while Mahmood Sahib adjusted his chair on one side, waiting for permission from the judge before approaching Khalid Sahib. According to Muhammad Sahib, you were an eyewitness at that time, but can you tell me where you were when the incident occurred? I was in my area’s street number F-2 when this guy ran out spreading the wall and collided with me. It was dark, but still, I could recognize him. Khalid Sahib didn’t flinch from his statement.

No, Khalid sir, you are not answering my question properly, I said, when this girl
Where were you when the rape was happening?
Because according to Mahmood Sahib, you are an eyewitness of this incident, you have seen this girl being raped with your own eyes and have seen this boy being raped.
“I am not talking about who, I am talking about this incident.

Sir, you should tell me who said and who happened, so whenever PP that you saw them jumping from the wall in street number F2, they hit you at that time but where did you see the rape?
On Zaran Shah’s question, the man got confused and started looking at the boy standing in front of him
He was waiting for her next answer with a triumphant smile.
Did not see…… “Of course you have not seen rapping.

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