Wahshat E Junoon Novel By Areej Shah (PDF Download)

Wahshat E Junoon Novel By Areej Shah

Wahshat E Junoon Novel by Areej Shah is available in pdf which you can download from below green button.

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Novel NameWahshat E Junoon
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size9.5 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The story of novel Wahshat E Junoon begins as;

You are not understanding, Waqar. I want that girl at any cost. I am willing to go to any extent to obtain her. I just want her. I want to bring that girl to my bed. What should I do, Waqar? I don’t understand what to do. That girl will drive me crazy. Her laughter is still echoing in my ears.

Waqar, are you understanding my situation? No, you are not understanding, right? He was going mad when Waqar already doubted his mental condition. Now he was becoming more convinced. “Yes, sir, I understand your point very well. I am trying to find this girl. I will gather all the information and let you know.” “No, Waqar, I don’t want information. I want that girl at any cost. I am ready to go to any lengths for her.”

Rabia, Bring her to me. Do anything, but bring her. Alright, sir, I will do something. Please don’t worry. Hopefully, we will soon know everything about this girl.

I will gather all the information about her as soon as possible and let you know. He wanted to get her out of there as soon as possible. Who knew what this madman wanted now? If a young man had shown this kind of madness, it would have been different. But a sixty-year-old man asking for a twenty-year-old girl was absurd.

Yesterday, he had gone to his friend’s wedding, where he saw a girl. Since then, he had become obsessed with her. He had always been fond of luxury and was well aware of his own nature. But now, his obsession had taken a different turn. He just wanted to adorn his bed with the presence of an innocent girl for one night.

And he was troubled by the thought of where he would find her. He didn’t even know where to start looking for her, let alone how to bring her. “If I can assure my kiss, then I will find her from anywhere,” he had convinced himself. But how difficult it was! Only Waqar knew. But he had to find her to save his job.

“I have found out everything about this girl. She is not very wealthy, but her marriage is about to happen in a few days. What does this mean, Waqar? I don’t believe in any marriage. I want that girl at any cost. Bring her to me. This is your job for me. How will you do it? I have no connection with her.”

But how can I bring her? Her marriage is happening, preparations are underway at her house. It’s not possible. Try to understand. He couldn’t understand how to explain to him. This man had really messed up his mind.

He didn’t know all this, Waqar. I am going to Dubai. After two months, I want that girl. These people, no man has ever looked at her, no man has touched her. Remember, when she comes to me, she should come willingly.

I don’t know if she is into such things or not,” he had said in frustration. “So far, so good. If your mistake causes any harm to anyone else, I will kill you. Remember that. I will try my best, but if there is any flaw later… stop talking nonsense and wasting my time. Do as much as you can. You have only two months. Remember, I want that girl at any cost, and you bring her to me.” On the other hand, the phone had been disconnected. Waqar was staring at his mobile’s locked screen. He had nothing in his control. His kiss had reached her throat.

He was also behind a girl whose marriage was fixed. What should he do in a few days for that kiss, which was riding the madness of desire? He was ready to go to any extent to ruin the life of an innocent girl.

And Waqar couldn’t understand what to do. He couldn’t stop the girl’s marriage, nor could he seduce girls. He cherished his job immensely. His life was going well with its help. His kiss gave him more than deserved in less work. Surely, all his work was not legal, but still, he took his job honestly and paid well. It was also part of his job to bring girls with his kiss. But this time, his kiss had made things very difficult for him.

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