Heartless Novel By Areej Shah (PDF Free Download)

Heartless Novel By Areej Shah

Download Heartless Novel by Areej Shah which is one of her most liked and read novels. You can download it in PDF free from below.

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Novel NameHeartless
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size12.6 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The Novel Heartless by Areej Shah begins as;

“Why have you called me here?” I asked. “I told you I have no connection with you, so why do you keep bothering me repeatedly? I have no business with you, nor does your son have any connection with me. Stop bothering me repeatedly, I won’t accept it just because you keep calling me here. Don’t forget your reality. You are just a woman of a certain profession, selling your honor dancing on a stage. What relation do you have with a respectable person like me? I look at you with immense anger,” he said.

“My connection with you is Khalil, I am your wife,” she said. “Don’t forget how you deceived me with false love, married me, brought me here after running away from home, and then sold me off on the stage.”

“Whatever happened between us, I accepted it only because I had disgraced my parents, thinking of the confinement of my home as imprisonment, I craved freedom. I made a mistake, breaking the confines of my home to come to you, and what did you do to me? I hate myself, hate my existence, knowing that I disgraced my parents for someone like you.”

“If this world were just, I wouldn’t spit on your face, but alas, this is a man’s society where a woman is a sinner even for a mistake, yet a man remains honorable despite committing thousands of sins. I have no complaints against you, no grievances. I loved you sincerely, and you traded my respect for your benefits, knowing well that you were leading me astray. You brought a simple, innocent girl onto the wrong path, doing what should happen to girls like us who run away from home, but whatever happened between us, she considers herself guilty, but this child is yours.”

“Accept it and take him away from here. The doctor said that due to my illness, it won’t be difficult for me to give birth. My baby will be fine. I wouldn’t have called you for my entire life, but I am compelled. This is a DNA test that proves this child is yours. There’s no doubt in it. Many men have been pleased with me after this. Nights have been colorful, but it all started when my son arrived in this world. Until then, Resham Bai didn’t create any charm in my bed, until my son came into this world.”

“Accept him as your own, he’s your offspring. He’s ten years old now, soon he’ll forget everything. He won’t even remember his mother’s name. His life is being wasted here. Stop begging in front of me,” she said, pleading.

“I’m a respectable man; the world knows it. I can take your son with me and tarnish my reputation. Do you think I believe in your proofs? Forget it; you don’t even know me. Who are you to interfere in my life?” he retorted.

“It doesn’t matter to me; he will stay here in his house. I talked to Shaukat’s shop; he will work there, take care of himself. I have no connection with him,” he said angrily, heading towards the room. But who is he, Khalil, and how can such a small child work? He’s tiny, just like my little one,” she said, worried.

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