Marm e Kaizen Novel By Areej Shah (PDF Free Download)

Marm e Kaizen Novel By Areej Shah

Download Marm e Kaizen Novel below in PDF free which is written by Areej Shah.

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Novel NameMarm e Kaizen
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size7 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The Marm e Kaizen Novel by Areej Shah begins as;

The silence of the night prevailed all around, with the streets of Cairo still wet. Amidst the wet roads, the intermittent sound of squealing tires was instilling fear in every heart.

The recent rain had left its mark everywhere just a while ago. The weather in Cairo was quite pleasant and delightful. However, this weather had brought about a sudden chill amidst the warmth.

If this were any ordinary place, people would have been enjoying this beautiful weather after the rain. But this was no ordinary place; it was an area ruled by the most dangerous gangsters. Gangsters had been governing this area for centuries. Even the winds here were afraid to make noise. People here would lock themselves in their homes by evening, as venturing out at night was synonymous with death.

And the foremost cause of death was the Kaiser of Death… Every child here was familiar with this name; everyone knew who ruled this area for years. But there was someone elusive, someone who never hid his face nor feared anyone. The only difference was that nobody dared to look directly at his face.

It was heard that a high-ranking officer had a conversation with the case officer, and then the most brutal death was witnessed by every individual in that area, yet nobody dared to look into the eyes of the case officer and speak to him. Only a few people had the courage to recognize him by his appearance. Fear had entrenched itself so deeply in that area that nobody desired to see him; there was no human here who didn’t avoid knowing anything about the case officer, and they even refrained from uttering his name.

There wasn’t any long, drawn-out gang; there were only two people who were always with him. He didn’t need a team; he didn’t believe in forming gangs. He did all his work himself, in such a manner that despite evidence, nobody could reach him. Even if someone managed to reach him, their death was not invited.

Thud, thud, thud… This silence, accompanied by the echoing voice, was creating a strange atmosphere. After hearing this voice, people didn’t come out of their houses, nor did any other sound arise. This area belonged to those who worked day in and day out, going to their jobs in the morning. There were very few women here.

There was hardly a happy and rare household where a man lived with his wife and children; otherwise, it was a male-dominated area. This voice wasn’t new to anyone. These people often heard this voice, but compared to the usual, today, the voice was a bit louder. Perhaps someone was using the horn more vigorously.

He was sitting amidst the median strips, vigorously pounding on fresh meat with his club. This scene was exactly like that of a butcher. He seemed to be an expert in this job, a thirty-year-old full of charm and desire.
It felt as if he had been doing this work since childhood… On the other side, a man stood at a little distance, perhaps awaiting the completion of his task.

“Caisan… Caisan…” A twenty-five, twenty-six-year-old boy, panting, reached the spot, giving him signals with his voice. When the other man gestured him to keep quiet.

“Rusul… I have figured out about this jungle. I have gathered all the information. Instead of wiping his sweat with his forehead and moving forward, he had gone to another man who was standing with his mouth covered a little while ago on the other side.”

“Caisan W is preparing food. Let him finish, then we’ll talk.” He said, explaining to him, while Rafael had just nodded in agreement.

“Rusul, throw this skull and bones into the Nile and let the Blue run today. Giving him this clean and straight meat will be his invitation today.” He had heard the voice from behind and was quite calm, as if he was very happy, and both knew that his happiness was because today his W would invite him with a full stomach. It had been almost a month since he had tasted human flesh, which had made him quite irritable these days.

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