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Novel NameThe Beast
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size17.6 MB
File TypePDF Format
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The novel “The Beast” by Areej Shah begins as;

“She was like every night, even today at three in the night they were awake, she used to pray Tahajjud prayers because all sins of those who pray Tahajjud prayers are forgiven.

Maybe her sin will also become worthy of forgiveness, and she too will be forgiven. For three years, every night, she cried and prayed in front of her Lord, begging for forgiveness for her mistakes.

Every night, she cried in front of her Lord, seeking forgiveness for her mistakes. She knew she wasn’t worthy of forgiveness, but she had faith in her Lord that He would soften the hearts of her loved ones towards her, maybe enough that they wouldn’t turn away from her.

She loved the person immensely who had given her all the happiness in life. He used to work all night to fulfill her every wish; he had enrolled in medical school to respect her wishes more than his own.

But he betrayed her. Betrayal, a mistake, a sin, for three years she gathered the courage to face that person, wondering if he would even want to see her, if he would still love her.

Would he hold her close to his heart as he always did, despite the tremendous mistake she had made? She begged Allah every night for the past three years for strength to face her loved ones, crying because that’s all she could do.

The other side of the bed was empty; her two-month-old son Saad was sleeping next to her. Mehr was aware of where he was at this time; he would be outside praying just like always. It was not something new; she always prayed Tahajjud prayers because they brought her peace. She knew she wasn’t alone in this sin; she had a partner, yet the burden of guilt wasn’t enough to push her to deny herself.

She knew her beloved wife’s eyes would have turned red from crying. She had never been able to understand how she could rid herself of the guilt. She had tried everything, love, anger, every possible way to make her understand. But it was all in vain.

Now she kept her grief to herself or shared it only with Allah. She couldn’t bear to see her loved ones hurt more. She couldn’t bear to see tears in their eyes.

At the beginning of their marriage, forgiveness had been sought, which she had accepted by saying, “The mistakes you made were mine too.” Mehr’s sense of guilt had lessened, but Ayat’s guilt was growing.

Mehr had made many attempts to explain to him that we are a family; we have a child, but after that, Ayat had stopped discussing the matter with Mehr. Now Mehr couldn’t sleep, so she threw the blanket aside and went out.

After praying, as soon as she saw herself in the mirror, she sank to her knees; someone was watching her. He was smiling at her, even though he didn’t want to. “I am included in this long prayer, aren’t I?” he asked with wet eyes.

“All my loved ones are included. Yes, you’re the last one, but you’re not complaining because you know Ayat can’t bear to hurt you. No, there’s nothing like that now. Why did you come? I was just about to see.”

“Well, now I’ve changed my mind. I was waiting for so long. If you hadn’t come, I thought I’d come to see for myself. Alright, I have to go to a very important meeting in the morning. Shall we go back?” He came into the room with her.

He used to wake up at night often and, not finding her inside, would come out. Ayat knew he was aware of her Tahajjud prayers. Ayat laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes.

In a little while, Ayat was sleeping peacefully in his arms, but he, as always, remained awake. Ayat’s red eyes had made him restless.

Salman Sahib had decided to talk to Salar about their marriage. He was 29 years old and had finished his law degree. Even after starting his law practice, he had managed their family business.

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