Tum Ko Mana Manzil Aur Dil Musafir Ho Gaya by Areej Shah (PDF Download)

Tum ko mana manzil aur dil musafir ho gaya by Areej Shah

Tum Ko Mana Manzil Aur Dil Musafir Ho Gaya is a love based and romantic novel which is written by Areej Shah. You can download it below.

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Novel NameTum Ko Mana Manzil Aur Dil Musafir Ho Gaya
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size8.7 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The Tum Ko Mana Manzil Aur Dil Musafir Ho Gaya by Areej Shah begins as;

Dua, did you write the paper?.

There was complete silence in the hall, so even a slight noise was creating a lot of noise. Sadiya’s voice caught Sir Rafiq’s attention.

Sadiya is there a problem, Sir said in a loud voice. No sir, I just wanted to say a prayer. Heard. What Sadiya? Sadiya turned back with her mouth shut and sat down again. Change the seat, Sadiya said standing up fresh excuse to get back Sir Rafiq said angrily.

Meanwhile, Dua was indifferent from front to back, her entire focus was on the paper. Dua, do you understand the thread or not? Zaima said. Thank you, Sir Rafiq’s attention was on their mobile. Oh man, I can’t hear Dua, she started speaking loudly and stood up, Sir looked at Dua from behind the glasses.

Checked with scrutinizing eyes.
My friend doesn’t come, but I have the opportunity to mess up my paper with her. I don’t understand how I can help both of you today. If I show my paper to you guys today, what guarantee is there that you won’t need me in the future? Do you have to be everywhere to pass exams, prayers on your lips, shedding fake tears for the innocence of the world, while she was shedding her fake tears, looking at each other’s faces, Rafiq placed the magazine on the table and came out of the exam room.

Dua’s daughter herself had touched the first and second one, writing to me asking if it comes. Seen on her turn, how she came out of the exam room by acting and told Zaima the first, second, and fourth, while Shchan, you told her the fifth and sixth, and the seventh I told her.

She was saying that she comes the third, the third is long. She was asking for answers to three questions in return, and I gave them. One thing is for sure, I won’t help her in life. Saadiya said… Once this girl touches my hand, then see what I do to her. While looking for her, she came to the canteen. I saw she was sitting there with three burgers and three cold drinks ordered.

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