Rooh e Yaram Novel by Areej Shah (PDF Download)

Rooh e yaram novel by areej shah novel

Rooh e Yaram novel is one of the most read novel of Areej Shah novels. This novel is love and romance based. Download it in pdf and enjoy of reading offline.

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Novel NameRooh e Yaram
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size5.8 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The Rooh e Yaram Novel by Areej Shah begins as;

The scene is of the very large city of Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE. This city is also called Ras Al Khaimah because it has small houses resembling tents along the seaside.
He did not come to work on such small tasks himself, but at that time the question was of his life’s hand Sharif, who had been with him since childhood and was an equal partner in every task.

Today, he couldn’t leave him alone; at that time, he was in a very big jail in Dubai. His loyal companion couldn’t let the one who was trying to betray him go like that. It was true that Dan had no love for him, no heartfelt attachment, but he had the courage to give his life for him, and Dan needed people like him.

It was one o’clock at night; the city of Ras Al Khaimah was as deserted and silent at night as it was filled with lights during the day. And Dan was accustomed to doing his work in the lights because he knew that a criminal doesn’t commit the crime but covers it up.

That’s why he openly did whatever he did; he never made a mistake in any of his work. Perhaps this was the reason why, at the age of 32, he was called the cardan in the world of sins as soon as he stepped into the world of sins. As soon as Dan stepped into the world of sins, he introduced himself as a worm in this city.

Every child in Dubai knew Dan Dadiol, but no one was familiar with his appearance. He worked with such clarity and alertness that even the standing trees didn’t realize Khizr standing next to him.
Sharif was not innocent; he had also committed some sins somewhere, but the accusations he was currently facing were not his doing. Dan didn’t accept that anyone in his team would be targeted in this manner.

He had no connection with those people he didn’t care about them, neither friendship nor enmity. But Wasiq Malik had cornered him. With false accusations of Sharif being involved in illegal activities, Wasiq had managed to get him jailed, and this was what was infuriating Dan.

Wasiq Malik, who had threatened him over the phone that he would ensure Sharif ends up at the gallows, was currently hiding in one of these small houses. He had told Wasiq Malik that it would be better if he came out and talked to him instead of hiding, but Wasiq Malik didn’t listen. It was because of this refusal that Sharif had been in jail for more than a week now.

For Dan, Sharif was his right-hand man; there was no shortage of anything for him in jail. TV, bed, everything was provided to Dan. But more than jail, Dan needed him here, for the reason he had to be out.
He emerged from the narrow alley and entered a house where several men had another man seated on the ground, with guns pointed at his head. He quietly took a seat on the sofa, his face devoid of any expression.

Wasiq Malik glanced at him briefly, observing the jet-black hair pulled back into a ponytail, despite being tied at the back, they were still covering his forehead. Fair complexion, light green eyes, a slight stubble on his chin. When he spoke, a dimple would appear on his cheek, yet he never smiled.

Thus, anyone who had ever seen the dimple on his cheek had only seen it while talking to him. Undoubtedly, even if the Arab prince were to laugh, he would maintain his composure unless the time for laughter was not appropriate, he would not even bark in front of him.

Now, Wasiq Malik had a good estimate of his standing in front of Dan. He had come and hidden in such a small area, but Dan had managed to find him even from here.

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