Ishq e Dilbaram Novel by Areej Shah (PDF Download)

ishq e dilbaram novel by areej shah

You can download Ishq e Dilbaram Novel in PDF below which is written by most famous novel writer Areej Shah.

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Novel NameIshq e Dilbaram
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size10.3 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The story of Ishq e Dilbaram Novel by Areej Shah begins as;

In the village, the echoes of Azans (calls to prayer) were resounding everywhere as people were turning towards mosques for the Maghrib (evening) prayer. A car entered the courtyard at a fast pace through rough and smooth paths.

As Ghalib’s poetry resonated swiftly while coming out of the car, they began entering the courtyard, followed by Sardar Kazmi entering behind them. Ghalib Sahib started performing ablution (wudu) for prayer. Sardar Sahib also got engrossed in preparing for prayer, following Ghalib’s lead.

It was a childhood habit of these two brothers to always pray together, no matter how busy they were. They always performed prayers together promptly.

Despite the bitterness that had come into their lives, perhaps this was the one thing that kept these two brothers connected. Sardar Sahib had received news that their Yesha had passed away; undoubtedly, after performing the prayers, they would come to their room. It was their routine to come to their room after prayers, informing each other about the day’s events and then having dinner with only a few people at the dinner table.

This mansion was indeed spread over two acres of land, but the number of people residing in it was very few. Jacob Sahib was the serious head of the family. Their marriage to Sakina Begum was arranged by their parents.

Sakina was a very loyal and cultured lady; her upbringing was such that her two sons had always remained their support even in their old age. Wherever they were, they returned home by evening because they knew their father would be waiting for them.

Sakina Begum fulfilled her life, seeking solace from her Creator Allah, after which she felt very lonely. In such circumstances, their two sons became their support. Ghalib Sahib’s first marriage was of his choice; Zaima Begum was not just his life partner but also his love. However, they had very little time together in their married life.

Six years after marriage, when they did not have any children, they started seeking various treatments that were immensely effective for their health. Ghalib Sahib strongly opposed all of this, but they didn’t listen to anyone.

Where they received the good news of children, there their health deteriorated day by day. The doctor declared that saving their lives would be almost impossible.

They were not ready to accept the doctor’s advice at all. They cried and begged for children, even without considering the risks.

In any case, they had to bring this child into the world, even if it meant risking their own life. The result of their determination was that while they became parents, just an hour after the birth, the thread of their life snapped.

After this, Ghalib Sahib was shattered like never before. Their first desire distanced them. Ghalib Sahib kept himself busy; they immersed themselves entirely in business to forget Zaima.

They loved her deeply, but they couldn’t give time to her heart. To distance themselves from Zaima’s memories, they also distanced themselves from their heart. The heart turned eight years old but remained unknown to its owner. Perhaps they had never embraced it in their arms.

Jacob Sahib’s health deteriorated significantly one day. The reason was stated as tension. And the reason for their tension was Ghalib Sahib’s relentless life. With bowed head before their opposition, Ghalib Sahib agreed to a second marriage.

The marriage was simple; Saad was a very good and educated woman. However, she couldn’t become the mother of the heart. They never maintained any relationship with the heart, neither good nor bad. They didn’t want any kind of connection with the heart, and they didn’t want to be its stepmother either.

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