Junoon e Ishqam Novel By Areej Shah (PDF Free Download)

Junoon e Ishqam Novel By Areej Shah

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Novel NameHeartless
Writer NameAreej Shah
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The story of Junoon e Ishqam Novel by Areej Shah begins as;

“I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you,” he uttered these words, shaking the heavens and the earth, ending a seven-year relationship filled with cruelty and oppression.

The helpless woman stood before him, draped in her shawl, hiding her pain and trembling inside, a woman who had rebelled against her entire family for him, only to find herself in Pakistan seven years later, leaving behind all relations and connections.

Once, she had felt like the luckiest girl in the world to enter into a marriage with him, stepping into the threshold of youthfulness with dreams in her heart. But today, he shattered every bond with a misunderstanding, causing her heart to ache with the betrayal of a stone-hearted man who couldn’t appreciate her sacrifices.

“Listen to me, you’re mistaken. Understand the whole truth before judging,” she tried to explain, but it was futile. “Now there is nothing left. I thank you for coming here on time, and I will never forget your kindness, but I have no more relation with this person. You can leave now.”

She spoke firmly, her voice laced with determination. “No, I won’t understand. This is a misunderstanding,” the third person intervened, trying to make sense. “We have gone through all stages of understanding and explaining, perhaps your gratitude may never diminish, and seeing your love’s true face today, I fear for myself. I wish I had known earlier that lack of trust in love means it’s not love.”

“For me, the decision has become easier now. I will return with my children forever. Shah Sahab, I don’t want anything to do with you anymore. Go with your lover if you wish, but beware if anyone tries to separate my children from me or my family.”

“They are my children, and they will stay with me. You wanted to go to London eagerly, go now, but my children will stay with me. Baba Jan had ordered not to separate innocent children from their mother, but now I want you out of my life. Leave with your lover, but be warned, anyone who tries to separate my children from me will face consequences. My children will always be with me.”

With these words, she grabbed his arm firmly and began pulling him out, while a third person, a picture of helplessness, watched from the sidelines. Though he had ended all relations with them, he still didn’t want to be involved between them. It was their personal matter.

Thankful that time had brought him here, he had successfully saved her honor but couldn’t save her life from falling apart. “Listen to me, Shah Sahab. Clarify your doubts once and for all. You are mistaken,” she said, unable to contain her anger anymore.

“You celebrated with my wife shamelessly, without even thinking that she is a mother of two children, and now you’re presenting your arguments as if you have some moral ground. Now you understand why she wanted to stay away from the house in the village. She wanted to be away from me so she could meet her lover freely.”

This time, she slapped him without any mercy, marking the culmination of his tolerance for baseless accusations against her and her character. He was a proud man who couldn’t bear such insults on his character, and now, grabbing him by the collar, he made it clear.

“Enough of your nonsense. This is a personal matter between you two, not an open forum for interpretation. But you are not worthy of leniency. You are not a man of clean intellect; in fact, men like you are not men in my eyes.”

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