Deedar e Ishqam Novel By Areej Shah (PDF Download)

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Novel NameDeedar e Ishqam
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size9.8 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The Deedar e Ishqam Novel by Areej Shah begins as;

The desire to rise had opened Mahraani’s eyes.
Oh, what’s the rush? It’s only seven in the morning; the sun has not yet risen. Go back to sleep, your sun hasn’t risen yet, Haabi.

Tai Ami entered, scolding in a low voice.
Tai Ami, I’ve been awake since morning. You haven’t even left your room; maybe that’s why you didn’t realize, Arzu said softly.
In a quiet tone, dissatisfaction lingered.

Chitak, the fairy girl, called me wrong. Tai Ami, furious, slapped her on the cheek.
No, Tai Ami, I didn’t call you wrong. Arzu, crying, retorted, “You always argue with me, you stubborn girl. Even though our parents died themselves, you’ve become a burden on my shoulders.”

The enemy of the unsuccessful is the envy of the capable.
Get up, Bai Bai. Measure your own path. Fatafat National, here. And wake Tamia up. Tai Ami commanded, moving towards the inside, and Tamia followed her into the room.
Get up, it’s been a long time. Arzu woke Tamia up.

How many times have I told you not to send her to my room in the morning? But she still comes boldly. Firstly, she devoured our parents, now she’s hanging on our necks.
Tamia’s footsteps were heard outside.
In this house, mornings were always like this.

Everyone vented their frustrations on her because in this house, this was the only time she had.
Our parents died after giving birth.
And she was left clinging to their memory. Taiya Abu was the only relative she had left.
He had held onto this house like a queen for eight years after our parents’ death.
But then Taiya Abu got sick.

And then the cycle of injustices began.
Taiya Abu couldn’t speak up for her, and no one else in the family had the courage to share the burden of an orphan.
While Tai Ami and Tamia smiled at each other because today too, they had soothed their hearts by confronting her directly.
Stop, Awon Beta, today is your grandfather’s memorial. I’ve arranged a small Quran reading; all the children are at home, don’t go to work today. Tai Ami addressed him lovingly.

By staying here, the lost presence of your grandfather will feel alive, won’t it? Leave this path, and don’t stop her like this again after today.
I know very well who has asked you to stop me. Taiya looked hard at Zubeida Begum, then turned to Tai Ami. “Does your grandfather’s absence mean something to you or not? And no, this wedding issue is just an excuse from you.”
Don’t use Allah’s name for your selfish reasons.

Now leave Meradi’s children. There are four sons of three daughters, and I never needed your support before, nor will I in the future.
He stared at them sternly before leaving.
Big Mama Awon has left. Now, who will see Akbar Sahib’s daughter? Because it’s clear that Awon won’t marry against his will.

Hania came closer and spoke.
I wanted Awon to stop, but he still left for work.
Go tell Sameer that the new car should be parked in the garage; we are doing Quran recitation for Zubeida’s father, not showing off a car show. Whatever Awon said had an impact on her.
Okay, I’ll tell Sameer. Hania pouted and left.

Zubeida, don’t take it to heart; you know nowadays there’s too much hot air. I know, dear, and I also know it’s because of my mistakes. Zubeida wiped her tears and looked towards the inside.
The relationship is accepted, and remember one thing, I am not a beggar to ask for things from you. Raziya said, looking towards Bashir.
Hey Raziya, I don’t want anything, I just have one wish, Arzu said firmly.
The desire of desires is in this heart, fulfill it, Nawa, place your hand on your heart, Franha said dramatically.
Oh, you understand, a solid relationship will surely fulfill your sister’s desire, my child.

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