Intaha e Ishq Novel by Areej Shah (PDF Download)

Intaha e Ishq Novel by Areej Shah

Intaha e Ishq Novel by Areej Shah is very romantic and love based novel. You can download this novel below in pdf and read it offline in your device.

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Novel NameInteha e Ishq
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size14 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

The story in intaha e ishq novel by Areej Shah starts as;

While listening to the call to prayer, Taisha stood up and began to perform her prayers. After completing her prayers, she raised her hands for supplication, and the first thought that crossed her mind was for her colleague, Zamal.

Whether he had reached home safely or how much he had spent on his phone last month, he had said, “Mom, please pray for me,” that he would reach Sharif Khan today.

With a smile, she first prayed for her colleague. When she succeeded in taking his interview, Mir felt proud, and then for Shazma, just as she had just woken up for prayers.

Just yesterday, she had said, “Mom, please make a special prayer for me.” “God bless you,” she said laughing, and prayed for Shazma.

Jazim never used to say that, but he was Taisha’s favorite, so she used to pray for him day and night.
The chosen profession was as risky as it could be, and like his father, he always wore a frown on his face. He didn’t easily gel with anyone. As soon as he finished his prayers, he got up. Shazam was confident that he had slept again.

It would take a lot of effort to wake him up again, and today was such a special day that she wasn’t going to let anyone sleep except Jazam. Except for Jazam, who had returned home after three o’clock last night. And even now, his sleep was not complete, yet he had gotten up, performed his prayers, and gone back to sleep again.

And there was a smile spread on his face, just like Junaid used to smile in his sleep. And Jazam, even while sleeping, had such dangerous effects on his face that anyone could tell that his personality was different from others.
“Shazi, get up, Mir, look, it’s morning, it’s time for prayer.” “No problem, Ama, they’re my friends, Allah’s friends, they’ll forgive me one day.” Shazam, scratching himself, tried to cover his face with the blanket again.
Before he could react, a sudden jolt of cold water knocked him to the ground.

“God forbid! Has the flood come?” he exclaimed.

“It hasn’t come yet, but if you don’t get up within the next five minutes and you’ve inconvenienced Imam Saiyan, then the floodgates of your tears will surely open here,” warned Jazam, pulling the sheet from over him and tossing it aside.

“Imam Saiyan, won’t you say anything now?” Shazam gestured towards Jazam, his voice tinged with frustration.

“My dear, he’s waking you up for prayer,” Taisha said, waving the flag of peace.

“Hey, there’s no need to lay in bed all day, I’m going somewhere to pray,” replied Jazam, not showing his face.

This angered him even more.

When Jazam turned to look at him, he started to leave the room, but didn’t say anything as he left.

“Looking at yourself in the mirror, mocking my words, aren’t you?” he muttered. “You don’t want to see my face.”

Taisha smiled at Jazam’s remark, while he looked on helplessly.
“Yes, you just said that you don’t want to see Jazim’s face. If you don’t want to see his face, then there’s no need for you to see mine either,” Taishe exclaimed with a smile as she stepped outside while he silently went to perform ablution.

When he came back outside, suddenly it occurred to him, “Oh God! It’s Baba Sain’s birthday today. What a friend Allah has bestowed upon me.” She quickly saved the prayer mat because her intention was to confront Junaid after offering prayers, but the glass of cold water changed that. She knew that Jazim had taken revenge on her yesterday for not reaching him on time for the bike ride.

“Oh God, it’s already nine. Sharique must have left by now,” she thought to herself. She had entered the destination while Sharique had left. She was running upstairs in high heels, with her hair tied in a ponytail, captured in every type of makeup, wearing a white shirt over blue jeans.

Meanwhile, numerous men in the building’s lobby were staring at the lone girl with skeptical eyes.

“I have to meet Sharique Khan,” she thought to herself. Upon seeing the group of four or five men, she said, “Sharique Khan.”

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