Tu Ishq Tu Junoon Novel By Areej Shah (PDF Free Download)

Tu Ishq Tu Junoon Novel by Areej Shah

Tu Ishq Tu Junoon Novel is a romantic and love novel written by Areej Shah. You can download it in PDF free from below download button.

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Novel NameTu Ishq Tu Junoon
Writer NameAreej Shah
File size4.5 MB
File TypePDF Format
Download OptionAvailable

Tu Ishq Tu Junoon Novel by Areej Shah begins as;

He had given his presentation very well, winning over the party in front. Jangir Shah was continuously staring at him, as the contact was being snatched from Jovan’s hands. The people sitting in front were hearing his presentation for the first time, while Jehangir Shah’s moods were changing.

The contract had already been in Jehangir Shah’s name, but Da Mish had offered them a better deal. That’s why today Jehangir Shah had come to this meeting with them, as he thought no one could give a better presentation than them. Their offer was the best, but they didn’t know that Da Mish would outshine them.

Not only were these people benefiting more from his offer, but they also liked his style, which led them to apologize to Jehangir Shah and give this contract to Da Mish. Also, Ramesh’s insistence played a role, forcing them to do this as his style and personality were so captivating that the person in front of him would be left helpless.

Today, there was an extreme anger in Jehangir Shah’s eyes; how could Da Mish do this to them? But perhaps they forgot that he was from the opposing party, meaning he was their enemy, and enemies take everything. This was just one object, but the issue was that he wasn’t just taking this object from them; he was taking away so many projects from their hands with such clarity as if he belonged to the business world.

Every day, Jehangir Shah was getting more and more troubled by his losses, and on the other hand, his beloved daughter’s desires were also increasing day by day. And this project was also his daughter’s dream. Because after the completion of this project, they wanted to take their daughter on holidays with it. And on the completion of this project, they were planning to gift her a big villa in Paris on her birthday. But now, this object had been taken away from them; their daughter wanted everything she had to be exclusive to her, and that villa had become something she did not want but was now a symbol of defiance. But how could they make Da Mish understand that he was not an ordinary person but a big businessman? One day, they had tried to explain this to Mehrish.

To which they heard in response that if he wasn’t an ordinary person, then Mehrish Jehangir Shah wasn’t an ordinary person either but the daughter of a businessman, and she wanted everything that Ramesh had. And on that day, they learned that even in Paris, Ramesh also had a similar villa that their daughter desired. And all this wasn’t about following Ramesh’s lifestyle but expressing hatred towards him. It wasn’t that Da Mish didn’t care about these things.

He did care, and he cared a lot, but he needed to keep others in check regarding their status. And here too, he did the same. He tried his best to keep Mehrish in his status. He brought things in front of her that were superior to Jehangir Shah’s status but made her forced to buy them in competition. Jehangir Shah knew very well how much his daughter Mehrish Shah hated Da Mish. And he was only forced to endure that hatred in his daughter’s love. Da Mish had given her courage many times, but there was much more with Ramesh that Mehrish didn’t have, and nor could she ever get it.

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